get this party started

YO. Let’s throw a party!

But wait.....

Yeah….. that’s us.

This past New Years Eve, my best friend Kate got a 50% off Happy New Year banner from Anthropologie. She later found out it was discounted because it said, “Hapay New Year.” It was still over $10. 100% paper, 100% she could’ve made it, and she would’ve included both P’s. It was then and there, we decided to commit ourselves to the PEOPLE. AKA, we wanted to have a place where city ladies/mens or all ladies/mens can come for cute DIY and party hack ideas on the CHEAP. Living in a city and trying to do things/coordinate/ plan on a budget isn’t always easy— but we’re gonna figure this thing out together.

We like to party. We like to host a party. We like to do it for cheap. We like when everyone around us feels glam and is having fun!!! If you do too….WE SHOULD PARTY TOGETHER.

Keep checking back for some hella cute and original ideas!

party on,

Megan (AND KATE!)